Who Are We?

Who are we?

So glad you asked! We are a group of Bible students with a common love for God and common hope in the fulfillment of His plan. We have these most important things in common and aside from that, we are all very different! We individually and deliberately made the decision to be sons and daughters of God and trust in the name of his son Jesus Christ. Some of us are old, some are young. We are fathers, mothers and children. We go to work, school and take care of our homes and little ones. We come from all areas of this country and many other countries. If you want to learn more about God and want to serve Him more perfectly, want to be more like Jesus and want to express your love for him, you might be just like us!

Who Are The Christadelphians? Are They New?

Where Are Christadelphians Found?

How Are Christadelphians Organized?

What Do Christadelphians Believe and Teach?

What Kind of Life Do Christadelphians Lead?