The Christadelphians of Springfield Vermont 


Welcome to our lampstand, a beacon that shines forth the warmth and wisdom of God’s Word. We invite you to explore and illuminate your path with the teachings and insights found in God's words.

We are known as "The Christadelphian Ecclesia," a fellowship bound not by the walls of a building, but by the spiritual kinship of those called to assemble in faith and love. 'Ecclesia,' our chosen term harking back to the Greek, captures the essence of our congregation: a community called forth to come together.

Our Hope

The Christadelphians embrace a profound hope, rooted in the enduring promise of the Scriptures, which we are delighted to share. This hope, illuminated through the Bible, offers comfort and inspiration to all:

We warmly encourage you to seize the hope set before us, a call to embrace the fullness of faith as outlined in Hebrews 6:18. Join us in this journey of hope and discovery, where the Scriptures pave a path to a life filled with divine purpose and promise.